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Can the doll’s hair be styled normally?

RealDolls are provided with high quality synthetic wigs that can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. When brushing a long wig it is best to use a metal brush or comb and start brushing small sections close to the hair tips. Brush out sections of hair about 3 inches from the ends until they are smooth and gradually work your way up the wig towards the “scalp”. This will avoid tangling the wigs. Synthetic fiber wigs are easier to maintain than human hair wigs.

Are there any known health risks? How difficult is it to keep my RealDoll in a sanitary condition?

There are no known health risks associated with RealDoll products. Each RealDoll receives a thorough acetone bath after fabrication. Keeping the doll in a sanitary condition is easy – your doll can be cleaned with a mild soap or detergent. Every RealDoll comes with a cleaning kit and easy-to-follow instructions for care and use.

My doll’s wig is not attached to her head? how do I make it stay on better?

Inside the wigs there are small clips at the back which allow you to adjust the fit of the wig on the skull cap. Make the wig as tight as possible. If you would still like it to be held more securely in place, you can use standard wig pins available from any wig shop and pin the wig directly to the silicone skull cap.

Can I use cosmetics on my RealDoll?

If you are planning to use cosmetics to change the look of your doll, we recommend that you specify “natural” colors on your order. Liquid eyeliner and powdered cosmetics (blushes, eye shadows, powder foundations, etc.) work very well on RealDolls. However, cream/oil-based makeup (such as liquid foundation) won’t disperse well on silicone. Eyebrow pencil and lipstick can be applied with reasonable effectiveness and these cosmetics can rub off easily. Otherwise, your RealDoll can be cleaned with normal cosmetic removers and/or mild detergents. Avoid removers that are too oily, as they will be difficult to clean from the silicone skin.

I want to bathe and shower with my doll. Is there anything I need to be careful about, like water temperature or duration?

Silicone rubber can withstand over 400 degrees of heat. You can soak your RealDoll in a hot bath, or put her under an electric blanket to give it lifelike body heat. A RealDoll’s silicone flesh retains heat very efficiently.

Can water become trapped inside the doll?

No, water cannot get trapped inside the doll as the dolls are solid silicone. The bodies of the dolls are not hollow.

Are there items of clothing which can actually damage my doll?

Dark clothing which is dyed with low quality dyes can stain the silicone if the doll is stored with these items on for long periods of time (10 days or more). As a precaution, wash all dark and vibrant colored clothes before putting them on your doll. Very tight or binding straps left on your doll over an extended period of time can form dents in her flesh, much the way it does on a real person; unlike a real person’s flesh, however, the silicone can lose shape memory. In other words, it’s fine to dress your doll in corsets or underwire bras, etc., but don’t store her in these types of clothing for extended periods of time.

Can I dress my doll in any type of clothing?

Yes, you can dress your doll in anything you like but we recommend avoiding thick clothing such as denim jeans or boned items like corsets if you are leaving the doll dressed. Tight or heavy clothing can leave an impression in the silicone which will become permanent after a while (10 days or more). If you wish to put jeans on your doll we recommend putting pantyhose on it first so that the denim will slide over the silicone. Shirts that button, tie, snap or zip closed are easier to put on dolls than tops such as T-shirts or pullovers. You can now purchase beautiful clothing to fit your doll directly through us. For more information visit our store.


How do I clean my doll?

A cleaning kit is included with every doll which consists of a douche ball and antibacterial soap. As soon after you have used your doll as possible, flush the cavities out with warm water and antibacterial soap. The face of the doll can be removed for easy cleaning. You can run the face under hot water to clean it but avoid wetting the eyelashes.


How do I move my doll?

The best way to move your doll is to have him or her on a rolling chair such as a wheelchair or office chair. This makes it easier for you to avoid injury and it is less likely the doll will be dropped. When this is not an option, either lift the doll in the bridal lift (one arm behind the shoulders, the other beneath the knees) and lift with your knees rather than your back, or lift the doll from under its arms to carry it. Make sure to keep the hands in a protected position crossed over the doll’s chest, or over your shoulders to avoid damage when the doll is set down. For sex, you can use sex swings, light bondage kits and pillows to lift and pose your doll for play. When bending a joint, use a firm two-handed grip with one hand on either side of the joint. Firmly and slowly move the joint to the desired position being careful not to twist the silicone unnaturally. Never try to pull your doll towards you by the hands as this can severely damage the wrists.


What is the best way to store my doll?

For best maintenance of your doll, it should preferably be stored hanging in a neutral position, with legs slightly spread, from the provided neck bolt. The neck bolt is removable for when you are using the doll or when it is lying down. When storing your doll, avoid creases in the silicone as these creases can become permanent over time. If you prefer to store your doll lying or sitting down, make sure to move it regularly to avoid flat spots developing on the buttocks, legs or breasts. If a flat spot or crease develops it will be permanent. The crates in which the dolls are shipped are suitable for storage. For dolls such as bodies 5, 9 and 10 with large breasts, a soft bra should be kept on the doll when she’s in storage. You should not leave boned or underwire bras or clothes on a RealDoll for long periods of time (more than 10 days).


How much weight can the doll support?

RealDolls can safely support over 400 lbs.


How does sex feel with a RealDoll?

When penetrated, a vacuum is formed inside the doll’s entries which provides a powerful suction effect. This effect is strongest in the RealDoll’s oral entry. Some of RealDoll’s users have reported intense orgasms due to this specific feature. If you are especially interested in oral sex with your doll, we recommend faces with larger mouths such as the faces 12 (Britney) and 16 (Gabrielle).


Tell me more about the doll’s entries.

The inside of the vaginal and anal entries are molded as part of the dolls and have texture and shape which make them feel very much like a real person. A RealDoll’s vaginal lips can be stretched apart very realistically and the newly sculpted labia are even more realistic than our old style labia. All new dolls delivered after February 2008 will have the new, ultra-realistic labia. The oral entry has very soft, stretchy lips, ultra soft tongue, soft silicone teeth, and a hinged jaw that opens and closes very realistically. The tongue can be removed to allow for more space and easy cleaning. The inside of the mouth is ribbed for a very pleasurable effect.


What kind of lubricants should I use?

Always use a water-based lubricant such as ID Lube. Water-based lubricants are easy to clean up and will not harm the silicone. You should not use oil-based, petroleum-based or silicone lubricants.


Can I use my doll or RealDoll accessory item without lubricant?

For your pleasure and for best maintenance of your silicone love toy, you should always use plenty of lubricant.


How do you have sex with a RealDoll?

Female RealDolls have 3 entries for penetration – oral, anal and vaginal. The male dolls have 2 entries for penetration ? oral and anal. These entries are designed to give ultimate pleasure and are made of resilient silicone. Although the orifices are designed to accommodate most sizes, we are able to use smaller or larger inserts by special request. It is very infrequent that someone requires a special insert size however. For best enjoyment with your doll, ALWAYS use a water-based lubricant! We recommend ID Lube.


What is the range of the doll’s joints?

RealDoll joints have a very good range of movement — about 180 degrees or more, in most cases. The skeleton used in our dolls moves in nearly all of the ways a real human being does.


How flexible are RealDolls?

RealDolls’ silicone skin is extremely flexible and will sustain almost any reasonable position. There are some positions which are more stressful on both the silicone flesh and the internal joints. RealDolls cannot be “twisted into a pretzel,” compressed into a tight fetal position, or squeezed into a small storage area, and expected not to break or tear. These dolls are designed to be posed in positions that are natural and painless for most adults. Over-straining a joint can result in a break.


How strong are the doll’s joints?

RealDoll joints are made from stainless steel. They’re very strong and designed to bend in a very humanistic way. Although the joints are strong, bending a joint in an unnatural way or forcing the doll into a position that would be difficult for most people could result in a joint break and is considered misuse of the doll. Joints can be stiff when a doll is new and joints should be posed using a firm, two-handed grip on either side of the joint being careful not to twist the silicone unnaturally. The joints can make a slight creaking sound which is normal and will become less noticeable over time. Joints should be expected to loosen with use.


How do I pose and protect my doll’s hands?

When moving your doll, always make sure the hands are out of the way. Never let your doll fall onto its hands as this can cause the finger wires to poke through the silicone. When carrying the doll it is best to put its hands over your shoulders or crossed over its chest. Always pose the hands gently and avoid putting pressure on the fingers. Should one of the wires poke through, you can easily push it back into the silicone. You can opt to use a silicone repair kit to patch the fingers or leave them as they are.


Can a RealDoll’s fingers close and grip?

RealDoll fingers have internal wires that allow you to pose the hands, close them and make them hold very light items. The grip is not strong and the fingers should be handled with care.


Can a RealDoll support itself enough to do it “doggy” style?

No, you will need to use a support to assist the weight distribution for doggy style. The RealDoll shoulder, elbow and knee joints do not lock and the dolls cannot support their own weight. We recommend supporting the doll’s upper body with pillows to assure that this position will be maintained during use. Posing the doll over a table or sofa also allows for doggy style positions.


Can the dolls stand upright, unsupported?

RealDolls cannot stand upright unsupported. The skeletal system is too flexible and collapsible to allow a doll to stand upright. The doll has the poise and relaxed state of a sleeping girl. The skeleton will hold a position as long as there is not a strong force against it, such as gravity. We try to shoot many of our photos of the dolls without supports but in some images the supports have been removed for artistic quality. Dolls can be suspended on chains from the neck bolt on a beam or joist, or they can be supported on stands. The doll can sit unsupported in some positions.


Can my doll sit, stand, and hold poses?

Yes, you can pose your doll in most positions an average person can achieve without pain. The dolls cannot support their own weight, however, and will sometimes require a stand or support for certain poses. The doll can hold the pose you put it in as long as no strong forces are applied to the limbs in that pose.




Can I get customized labia and nipples?

Yes, we are able to do customized genitalia and nipples on any doll. The costs for special projects vary depending on your needs. There is no upcharge for custom colored nipples or labia and we are able to match very closely to photographs if you have special requirements. Repair kits will not match the custom colors, however.


Can I get a custom skin tone for my doll?

Yes, we are able to do custom skin tones aside from our 6 standard natural tones. Pricing on specialty skin tones depends on your needs. If you order a custom colored doll, however, you should be aware that we will not be able to send you matched repair kits in the future.


I would like a fantasy doll; can you make me one?

Yes! We have several standard fantasy options available already including custom skin tones, specialty and animal eyes, elf ears, a devil face, fangs etc. We also have the Anna Mae fantasy face designed to have a cartoon heroine look. Fantasy upgrades are priced depending on your requests. Please contact us for more information.


I can’t really picture what I want from the color selections. Can I supply a photograph, instead of detailing all of her colors and options, etc.?

Yes, we are happy to match make up styles to photographs provided. We will do our best to provide assistance in selecting appropriate wig styles and colors, eye colors and skin tones.


Can I have a doll made of a celebrity, model or my ex-girlfriend?

We cannot legally do a likeness doll in an exact likeness of any person, celebrity or otherwise, without their explicit consent. If the person is deceased or fictional we would need consent from their trust or licensor. We can, however, use photographs of a person of your choice to select a face structure as similar as possible from our line of 16 standard female faces. If we have a face with similar structure, we can match make up style, hair style and coloring to the person you are looking at and make a similar looking doll. We have done this with good success in the past. If we were to create a doll with a similar look from one of our standard face and body combinations, the price is the same as for any other standard RealDoll. If you can get the consent of a person to be made into a RealDoll, we would need him/her to come to a facility for 3D scanning. We could either do just the face, or complete face and body. The cost and time investments for entirely custom projects are very high and depend on your requirements.


Can I customize the look of my doll?

RealDolls are all custom fabricated dolls. You can purchase a female realdoll by going to the Female Order Page or purchase a male doll by visiting the Male Order Page and selecting the features for your doll. There are certain colors and features we don’t immediately offer, and we can sometimes handle unusual color requests. Custom requests are handled on a case by case basis. Typically these requests are generated by contacting us. If you have seen a doll on our website or somewhere else that you would like us to match, you can include photographs with your order.


How are RealDolls shipped?

RealDolls are shipped by standard freight in an unmarked and secure wooden shipping crate. The crate is approximately 6′x2′x2′ and weighs about 200 lbs when loaded; the door is secured by screws. Inside the padded crate, the doll is safely hanging by a neck bolt on a removable mounting bracket which can be installed in your home for safe storage of your doll. All shipments are fully insured. All RealDoll product ships discretely with the return address to Abyss Creations, LLC. RealDoll is never displayed on any items mailed or freighted from us. Your privacy is of utmost important to us.


RealDoll Repairs

Can I send my doll back to you for repairs?

At this time we do not take dolls back into our facility due to health concerns for our employees. We are always available to give assistance through email and by phone as needed, however.


What happens if a joint breaks in my doll?

If you believe a joint has broken, please contact our technical department immediately. Our skilled representatives can help you tell if the joint is actually broken or not. If there is a break, you can purchase a replacement joint and our team will give you detailed information on how to do the repair successfully.


What happens if a finger wire pokes through on my doll?

If a fingerwire comes through the silicone fingertip, simply push it back inside the silicone. If you wish, you can patch the hole with our silicone repair kit or you can leave it as is. This is not a serious problem and can typically be avoided with careful positioning of the hands.


What is used to paint the dolls? Will it ever rub off?

The RealDolls’ silicone flesh is tinted with your choice of skin tone when your doll is cast in our molds. Details, such as lips, are painted with tinted silicone. Once applied, the tinted silicone actually becomes part of the doll’s skin. Under normal circumstances, it should never rub off. Prolonged “dry” rubbing of the painted areas may, however, begin to erode the paint. Should the nipple, lip or nail color ever begin to wear off you can order a repair kit from us. These repair kits are available on our accessories page.


Miscellaneous Questions

Do you sell just the head or torso, or any other body part, as separate items?

We do offer a limited selection of torso products as well as doll hands and feet. These are available on our accessories page.


Can I draw on the doll’s flesh with permanent ink markers?

Generally, nothing sticks to silicone — not even permanent ink. However, certain inks may cause staining, so test applications are advised.


I want to start shopping for my doll’s clothes now, before she arrives. Is this advisable?

We recommend that you wait until your doll arrives and familiarize yourself with her body before you purchase her new clothes. If you wish, you can order beautiful clothing through us to be certain it will fit the body type you have purchased. You can see available outfits in our gallery and accessories pages.


What if I don’t fit with RealDoll’s sex parts?

RealDoll vaginal and anal cavities are made snug to accommodate any insertion. The silicone flesh is soft, slippery (when you use appropriate lubricant), and very elastic. Any water-based lubricants should be applied to ease entry. RealDolls’ oral cavities contains soft silicone tongue and teeth. The oral cavity is as snug as the doll’s other entries. All three RealDoll cavities allow deep insertions although oral capacity varies by face type.


What do I do if I need to cancel my order?

You cannot cancel your order after fabrication of your RealDoll has commenced. If you cancel prior to production, there will be a 10% cancellation fee but your refund should be received within 30 days (sometimes credit card refunds take a full billing cycle to appear on your statement).


What happens if my doll breaks?

RealDolls are very sturdy, but not meant to sustain extremely violent abuse. If a joint breaks, please contact us to purchase replacement parts and receive instructions on how best to complete the repair. In the unlikely event of a tear in the silicone flesh, you can easily repair the damage yourself with commercial grade silicone caulking, found at your local hardware store. Step by step instructions for such repair are included with your doll. We also offer full technical support on any repair you may have to perform as well as a selection of repair kits including a color repair kit for nipples, lips and nails, and a silicone repair kit as well as labia replacement kits.


Do RealDolls come with a warranty?

Abyss Creations offers a limited 30-day warranty on the skeleton parts on the dolls. If a joint fails due to a manufacture flaw, we will send a replacement part with instructions. Due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns. However, we stand behind our product and do whatever we can to satisfy our customers.


What happens when “the honeymoon is over” and I feel that the doll is not for me and wish to return it?

Although we’d like to fully satisfy all our customers, our firm policy is: ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


What is the lead-time on a RealDoll order?

Our lead time varies by season and by item ordered. Lead time can range from 8-16 weeks, you will get an approximate current lead time with your order confirmation. You can also call or email us for current lead times. Actual manufacture of a doll takes approximately 80 man hours. The anticipated lead time on your order is estimated and depends on the popularity of the body type you have selected and the number of orders in queue ahead of yours.


What comes with my RealDoll?

All RealDolls are shipped clothed. Typically the female dolls ship in lingerie or seasonal outfits with perfume. The male dolls typically ship in boxers and a tank top with cologne. All dolls are sent with a cleaning kit, care guide and a sample of ID Lubricant for use with the doll.


Do you have any used or flawed dolls?

As the manufacturer of RealDolls we have no used dolls. We occasionally will have a doll with a surface flaw that we will make available on a first come – first served basis. We do not sell dolls with mechanical flaws. We do not keep mailing lists to notify people when a flawed doll is available so contact or call periodically if you are interested.


What sort of people buy RealDolls?

There is no “type” of person who buys a RealDoll. Our customers include futurists, artists, art collectors, photographers, film-makers, scientists, health professionals, housewives, single men and women, couples seeking to enhance their sex lives, people looking for exotic decorative art, adult retailers who want the ultimate display mannequin, or anyone who desires to possess the world’s most realistic love doll. If you would like to see dolls owned by some of our clients, please visit our testimonials page. If you would like to submit a review, comment or pictures for the testimonials page, please contact us.


Do you offer a payment plan?

Although we don’t offer financing, it is possible to send in payments over time for a RealDoll. The minimum down payment is $1,500 and from there you keep making payments until the order is paid in full. Dolls are not entered into manufacturing until they are paid in full because each one is made to order. The current back-order time is approximately 8 – 10 weeks. If the order is not paid in full within the waiting period, the order will await going into production until such time as the order is paid in full.


How RealDolls are Made

Can my doll change facial expressions or blink?

Although the faces cannot change expressions and they do not have closing eyes, we do offer expression and closed eye versions of many of our standard faces. If there are expression versions available of the face you like, you will see them shown with the standard faces on our gallery pages.


How are doll sizes measured?

The measurements shown for RealDolls are close approximations. They are compiled from actual measurements taken off RealDolls. The shoe sizes given are slightly too large in order to make putting shoes on the dolls easier and less likely to damage toes. Click here to view our female doll measurements and here for our male doll specifications.


What is the lifespan of silicone? Will it crack? Do I need to worry about dry rot or anything like that?

Silicone rubber does not dry rot like latex rubber. Silicone rubber has the longest lifespan of any of the RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanized) rubbers or elastomers. Five year shelf tests show less than 10% loss in properties. With proper care and maintenance, your RealDoll should last many years. There are still first generation RealDolls in existence which are being used and loved after 11 years of service. Your RealDoll will last as long as it is properly maintained.


What are the properties of silicone? What should I be aware of? Could I be allergic to it?

The high grade of silicone we use for RealDoll products is also used by the movie special effects industry for make-up effects and for animatronic creatures. It has a high degree of flexibility and resists tearing. The specific formulation used by RealDoll contains a harmless oil suspended between the molecules of silicone, which gives the flesh a more realistic feel and greater elasticity. The silicone skin can feel slightly tacky because its surface area sweats a very small amount of the oil. This diminishes over time and we recommend the use of baby powder or talcum powder to remove any tackiness. You are much more likely to be allergic to the baby powder than the silicone. We have never had a report of a negative health reaction to our silicone – it is inert and non-toxic when used as directed.


Does the silicone flesh have an odor or flavor?

No, a RealDoll’s silicone flesh is almost odorless. You may be able detect a very mild pleasant and fruit-like fragrance from a new doll which comes from the sealer. The smell dissipates very quickly. The silicone used to make RealDolls has no noticeable flavor.


What are RealDolls made of?

RealDolls are made of flesh-like silicone. Silicone is a non-toxic material with flesh-like qualities. Inside each doll is a fully articulated skeleton with stainless steel joints which allows the dolls to be posed.


How real do the breasts feel on a RealDoll?

We use a special formulation of silicone which has a gelatinous consistency. This special silicone gel is used inside the RealDoll breasts to make them look, feel, and bounce like real breasts. The silicone gel is cured silicone rubber and is completely dry; it is not a liquid so a RealDoll’s breasts cannot leak. Typically the breasts will be a little firm when your doll arrives but they will soften with time.


Can you pull or bite on a RealDoll’s nipples hard without fear of tearing them?

Yes, within reason. RealDolls’ nipples can withstand approximately 400% elongation before tearing. Pulling or biting very hard on the nipples can cause them to tear off if you are too rough.


How hard are the doll’s nipples? Will they show through clothes?

RealDolls’ nipples feel very much like real, erect nipples. They show through clothes.


Can I pierce my doll’s ears, nipples, etc?

Yes. You can pierce RealDolls anywhere. You should always use a straight piece of jewelry rather than a curved bar for best results. Piercing holes will become permanent after a few days. When using earrings, do not use the earring backs.


Are tan lines or tattoos available?

Tan lines are possible on RealDolls. This is a custom process which requires coloring a lighter-skinned doll in the tanned pattern. You can select this option on the orders page. Tattoos can be applied by the customer using temporary tattoos available in many stores. We have also done custom tattoo work for special orders. These are priced based on complexity and level of artistry required. In the case of tan lines and tattoos, the color can rub off over time with friction as the silicone is not intrinsically tinted in these processes. Please contact us for more information on tattoos, freckles, birthmarks or other applied detailing.

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